• Last Update: Monday 06 June 2016, 11:48:01.

Sudan University of Science signed an agreement with the National Fund for the operation of graduates

حجم الخط:


Sudan University of Science and Technology signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Fund for the operation of the graduates included several areas, including training and projects. Which included training in the field of agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine, animal production and the development of human resources and skills of media and public relations as well as education, science fish, toured projects in the agreement included incubators for the agricultural and animal production and leather products incubator and incubator fish. Professor Hashim Ali Salem, director of the University of Sudan for Science and Technology, said that the mission of the university is a community service and run graduates Fund is a real addition to the graduate noting that the partnership with the Fund is an effective step in favor of society. The Director that the university a number of projects, including poultry, fish, bees and feed the sheep and the manufacture of food, vegetables, meat, dried projects, pointing out that there are a number of projects implemented by the university, including bottles for laboratories and greenhouses and manufacture of laptop manufacturing and the need for funding. He pledged Maulana Hassan Mohamed Mokhtar Secretary General of the Fund run graduates to support incubators Altakregih Absorb the largest number of graduates and attention to training and rehabilitation and transformational for graduates and the fight against poverty and unemployment and the dissemination of entrepreneurial culture, indicating that the rehabilitation training became the industry need to type more than quantity in order to achieve the goals and the use of expertise and that the agreement signed performs a great beginning to work we need the strength and mechanisms. He noted Professor Mohamed Fadl molar director graduation university management that the administration is interested graduates return to the bosom of the university for the development of human resources, indicating that the five incubators University graduates to run a project of the state and the US
The other gives the graduate training course, a pioneering idea if you find the care of the state and those who made it taken care of. Mr. Mustafa Jack Director of Training and Management Studies approved and said that the university is ready to train all segments of society and for graduates of short courses administrative and project management in order to gain skills and abilities, and that 30 of the University College for training. He explained d. Mustafa Mansour, director of investment management operation that graduates Fund is a unit of sovereign heading to the direction of a pilot succeeded in incubators, a client firm to market incubators graduate